Our Membership Club provides a vital contribution to our clubs fundraising appeal.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has hit our fundraising particularly hard with all our usual fundraising avenues closed. Our club expenses are the same but without the usual club Lotto, the revenue from the annual festival, the gate receipts and all other funding opportunities we are reliant on the Club Membership to keep the club going. Your support is greatly appreciated.

To join our fundraising club please choose one of the options below

Option A (Subscription)

Click here for Option A; allows you to subscribe for an individual membership for €2 or €5 for 3 x individual memberships. your subscription will renew each week

Option B (One Off Payment)

Click here for Option B: allows you to purchase a single weekly membership (€2), 3 individual weekly memberships €5.00 or 1 x Annual Membership(€100)